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I'm sorry

April 4, 2012
By CSHCSH GOLD, Jakarta, Other
CSHCSH GOLD, Jakarta, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Everybody tries to change the world, but nobody tries to change themselves
-Leo Tolstoy

To erase may be impossible
To forget I will try
But the new memory was still there
As raw as yesterday
As sweet as the never ending time
The pain in my heart, all-too familiar
Tore me apart, wrecked my body,
Leaving my soul soulless
Leaving my heart heartless
And I open my mouth to whimper,
I’m sorry.
But I can’t, my lungs are filled with
Pain, no tears are present, I’m sorry.
Two words, so hard to say, yet I was
Desperate to get them out. I’m sorry,
I say again. But all I hear is my
Short, ragged breaths.
I’m sorry.

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