A Breath

April 2, 2012
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A note, or two
Soaring aimlessly through the air
Slipping into my ears.
Two notes or three
Falling from my mind
Responding to the others.
A chord, is made
Strummed and struck
Played and heard.
A jumble of notes
Twisting through space
Through my mind
Gluing themselves to a sheet
Of lines.
A crescendo of sounds
Beautiful and stronger than any man or woman.
It reaches its forte and I feel the strings of my heart being tugged and pulled.
The tune
It quiets.
Silence unfolds
In the varying breaths of the music
As its chest rises
And falls
I hear something no one else can
My story, my life
A note, or two
A day, or two.

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DaisyAngel said...
Apr. 4, 2012 at 7:37 pm
This was great. It kind of took me a moment to get it, but that's because I'm sleepy. This was really deep, and it was interesting to think about. Keep writing things like this! If I could, I would put it in the magazine! If you have any free time, will you check out my poem "In a Room of Children" and leave a comment for me? Only if you have the time, though. I don't want you to feel obligated or anything. :)
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