April 2, 2012
By Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
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My sadness
My emptiness
The painful hours that slowly go by

Siring pain
But yet only a mental pain
But still can be physically felt

As I sit here
In this dark empty room

What automatically comes to mind
Is you
You even put me in this position

You gave me this pain
The thing that makes me feel dead

Seeing nothing but black
Hearing nothing
Not even a breath nor my screams

Am I dead? Living? Or not yet there?
A walking corps in pitch black hell
Satan’s slave

Tortured by the devils cruel ways
I wish I was living in the hands of jesus

But no
Lucifer has taken me
Stolen me from sanity
Stolen from heaven
But no replaced by hell

It isn’t as you would’ve thought it would be
Just black and alone
And your own guilt eating away at you

But you cant escape
your there for eternity

I try to scream
Try to run
But endless road of darkness and evil
All alone

When you see a light in the distance
You try to run
The light is happiness but no
Here the light just keeps
Going away farther and farther

Reach around for something
Theres a candle
You light it

Right in front of you are mummified corpses
The ones before you the never made it
The ones before you that had the same

So thank you for putting me through hell
I hope you got what you wanted
And I was able to please you
Watching me suffer

The author's comments:
How do you guys like my english project?

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