The Comfort of a Building

April 1, 2012
By nikki_marie_22 BRONZE, Greenville, Ohio
nikki_marie_22 BRONZE, Greenville, Ohio
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The building seemed plain and boring
but it could strike fear into those who entered
through its doors and walked its halls

The walls were the classic tile that so often
covered school walls. The floors had scuff marks
and a majority of the lockers did not work

When one first walked in those halls one felt so small
as the older students towered high above like giants.
The main goal was to not get trampled or pushed down

As the years went on and one walked the halls more and more
the fear eased from one's body and was replaced by confidence
for now there were new first timers to be towered over

Then the final year comes in which one is the biggest and the oldest.
That is the year that one realizes that it is all coming to an end and
everything that one has ever known will no longer be

That is the year in which one has to prepare for the next chapter of
life. The chapter where they will be on their own and going out in the world.
When they will have to make it on their own and find their own way

During that year the building that had once caused fear now represents another home
It represents the life where one was taken care of and most things could be planned out
The life where one did not have to face all of the harsh realities of life

The building has seen all of our emotions and heard so many of our secrets and our
problems. It has been there during our triumphs and it has been there when
we were so hurt it was hard to keep going on

There is no choice when it comes to moving on and leaving this stage behind
but one can look back at that building and all the events that took place in it
and smile at knowing that the building helped make her into the person she is

The author's comments:
As I thought about school coming to an end I realized that that part of my life will be over in less than two months.

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