The Life of a Fencer

April 1, 2012
This is the life of a fencer;
We fight we bash,
We lounge we thrash,
Our moves become second nature,
Skills that grow as we mature.
This is the life of a fencer.

Our armor melts to our skin,
Our masks light and thin,
We dodge,
And escavage,
We’re up we’re winning,
We feel sudden elation.
But then we lose,
We do not create any illusions.
This is the life of a fencer.

But we do not stay down!
We do not sit and mope!
We pick ourselves up and quickly press on.
From failure we gain experience,
From victory,
We live by a code,
One that bares a load;
We live to fight another day.

And to that we say;
That is the life of a fencer!

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