Beach Bound

March 26, 2012
By rockcandy1012 BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
rockcandy1012 BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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The hot sand stung my little toes
My first steps on the beach
A smile bursts onto my face; the grainy feeling tickles my little toes
When my Pop Pop was well, a shiny grin never left his face; half of it would be frozen by a vicious stroke
My grandparents sold their precious vacation home, tears filled their eyes
Goodbye beach

The bright yellow sign obnoxiously reads “Ocean City, NJ!”
I’ve arrived at the place I love
The sand once again tickles my toes, my mind flashes back to my Pop swimming in the ocean with me
Bound to a wheelchair, I dive into the ocean, I swim for him
As daylight wanes, my Mom says let’s go
Goodbye beach

A big red bow is wrapped around a towering white surfboard, Merry Christmas
Joy fills the air; I can hear the ocean calling my name
Months pass, the calendar reads August
Suitcases piled up high inside the car; my beach is waiting for me
The road seems to go on forever, finally I see that familiar sign again
I'm here, hello beach

The car comes to a halt
Strutting a bright purple bathing suit and surf shorts, I'm ready to jump onto that board
The bite of salt water stings my face
My body bobs up and down on a long piece of plastic
This feels right; relaxation takes over my senses
A huge wave towers over my head; the perfect surfing wave
Quickly, my body shifts into athletic mode
I spin around and prepare myself to ride the wave in
The wave taps my board, instantly I sail towards the shore
Slowly, my body rises, standing up
It feels like I'm flying, nothing can stop me

Crash, my body is thrust into the sand
Salt water pours out of my mouth; my legs scurry upward and I take in a breath of fresh air
My first fall, salt stings my eyes, but I’m just so happy
The sun sets, ending the perfect beach day
Until tomorrow I bid you adieu, my beach
The swing of the waves and the warm sand always will be with me

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