March 26, 2012
I walk through this barren space
All the life drained from me
It's written on my face
A message that anyone can see
I've spent too many days wishing my heart to stop beating
Wishing my lungs to stop ventilating
I'm so sick of bleeding
So sick of hating

My life so full of hopelessness
I feel so numb
Trying to figure out what I did to deserve this
Apprehensive of what is to come
I'm seperated from my own self
Missing every minute
I wish someone would help
Because I'd give anything to be back in it

Nothing grows in my life
By now you should know that
I've lost my sight
And my emotions attack
These demons will always give me a hard time
I'll never find my way back home
But losing my battle is fear in prime
And that I shall never condone

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Kev-Girl said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I like this, and I can relate. It stinks feeling that way, and I love how you showed that through this poem. It did, for some reason I cannot pin-point, seem a little dull. It's good, but it just feels like there's something missing, like the great emotion inside it isn't all coming out. Does that make sense? I feel like there's a lot more to this than you wrote, and I would have loved maybe a few more lines. Maybe go into a little more depth as to why you feel the way you do, just without ge... (more »)

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