It's Time For The Rest Of Our Lives

March 15, 2012
By McSink BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
McSink BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"
~Albus Dumbledore

It's been a year now.
A year of our love
Blooming like a sunflower in the summer.
A year of us together.
The first year
Of the rest of our lives together.

Going to the jewelry store together.
Pick out a couple of rings.
Nothing too fancy,
We're not getting married. . .
Just promise rings,
That's all we need.
Promising that our love will last forever.

We decide on silver bands
With a knot in the middle,
Symbolizing how we'll always be together.
No one can pull us apart,
Just like a knot.

After we buy rings,
We go out to dinner.
We're all dressed up.
Me in a crimson dress,
And him in a grey suit.
His tie matches my dress.
We sit by the wavering candlelight,
With a dozen red roses on the table.
I smell the peppermint scented candle,
My favorite flavor.
I can feel our love wafting in the air.

We exchange our rings,
And say our promises.

"I will never cheat on you,
Never ignore you,
Never treat you badly,
Do everything I can for you,
Try to make every day for you great,
Even when it starts out badly.
I will always protect you,
And keep you close to my heart,
I'll always love you Savannah."

I'm brought to tears by how sweet he is.
I try to fix my black mascara,
It's running down my face.
He reaches across the table,
And with his warm, gentle hand, he wipes away my tears,
My running make up,
And sweeps my hair out of my face.
"You're so beautiful",
He says to me.
I start to smile.
Seeing the look on my face makes him smile too.

After chatting for a little while longer,
He asks the waiter for the check.
After he pays, we get up to leave.
He's arranged a surprise for me.

As he opens the restaurant door for me,
I see a sleek, black limo in the parking lot.
I gasp.
"Is this for us?!",
I ask him.
He smiles, nods,
Takes my porcelain hand,
And leads me into the glossy limo.
I slide into the leather interior.

There are more ruby red roses,
And a bottle of bubbly champagne.
The lights are dimmed,
And our song is playing.

I ask him where we're going,
And he says I'll have to wait and see.
I get a little nervous,
But know I'm safe with him.
I always will be.

We drive by central park,
With lights dancing in the dark,
Even more beautiful than during the day.

We cuddle in the backseat,
And he kisses my head.
"I've always loved your hair,
No matter how you do it",
He whispers to me.
I look up into his perfect eyes.
Blended entirely with sapphire green and aquamarine,
I easily get lost in them.
I kiss him on the lips.

"We have arrived",
The chauffeur tells us.
I roll down the window,
And see the lit up sign
Of The James Hotel.
I feel glued to the seat.
I can't move,
I can't even breath.
He takes me by the waist,
And whispers in my ear,
"Let's go baby",

I get out of the limo,
Still in a daze.
We glide into the hotel lobbey,
And the glass chandelier glimmers onto my dress.
A tall man waves to us,
Notioning for us to go to him.
We check in,
Get our room key,
And get on the elevator.
Level 22,
Our anniversary date.

20, 21, 22. Dinggg!
We're here.
He slides his hand into mine,
And sweeps me out of the elevator.

When we get to our room,
Before we open the door with our thin, plastic key,
He looks at me.
"Savannah, I love you.
I always have, and I always will.
When I met you,
It was love at first sight.
I can never stop thinking about you.
I love you more than anyone has ever loved anything".

I smile and nod,
And he opens the door heavy, beige door.
He walks me into the suite,
And I take a calming breath.
I know what's going to happen.
It may happen now,
Or maybe in a couple hours.

I'm nervous, but every other girl would be too.
I want this.
He wants this.
I'm ready.
He's ready.
So it's time.
While he arranges the lights and music,
I take my heels off,
And sit on the bed.

I look around me,
And take in all of my surroundings.
The TV is on top of a table,
Embossed with swirls and patterns on the cherry wood.
There is a desk and chair to match,
With a white note pad and pen.
The walls are striped
With burgendy and cream,
Reminding me of a candy cane.
The bed sits on a bedstand,
With the wood matching the rest of the room.
The pillows are fluffed,
The bedspread is crisp.
It's perfect.

I wait for him to enter the bedroom,
And in he comes.
He glides into the room smooth as a prince.

He takes off his suit jacket,
Hangs it on the chair,
Spins around,
Smiles his great smile,
And sits next to me.
I can smell his cologne,
My favorite smell in the world.
He takes my hand,
And I squeeze his.
We look each other in the eyes,
And start to kiss.
I break away for a second and say,
"I'm ready".

The author's comments:
I want my first time to be this special

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