It's One Am.

March 15, 2012
By LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
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It's One Am And Her Heart Is Breaking,
Her Love Has Walked Out The Door,
It's Two Am And Her Heart Is Aching,
This Pain Will Soon Have Her Lying On The Floor,
It's Three Am And Her Hands Are Shaking,
She Wants This Life No More,
She Asks God Why,
Why Father Why,
Must I Stay?
Why Father Why,
Why Wont You Take This Pain Away?
She Begs God Please,
Please Father Please,
Don't Make Me Stay Not Another Day,
Please Father Please,
Take This Pain Away,
Her Words Beguin To Steady,
You Know Already,
Whats Coming Next,
She Whispers All She Has Left To Say,
Oh How I Wish I Was Stronger,
But I Can't Live This Life Any Longer,
For This Pain I Can No Longer Take,
Always Know My Faith Has Not Gone Astray,
This Smile I Will No Longer Fake,
Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned,
Father Forgive Me For I Am About To Sin,
In Moments I Will Comit The Greatest Sin,
Father I Don't Know Why,
I Don't Mean To Cause Anyone's Sorrow
But You Insist On Making Me Stay,
But I Can't Live This Life Another Day,
So Now I Must Take My Life Away.

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on Oct. 9 2012 at 4:46 pm
psychostbernard GOLD, Moorhead, Minnesota
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That is really good.

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