To Guilt

March 15, 2012
To Guilt
I am consumed
from inside-out
as you gnaw
on the sinews of my heart
and make me double over
as you roil through me.
Oh, guilt, let me go!
I am not a girl
meant to be trapped
for the rest of my life.
I was destined for better things.
I go through my days
with a smile feigned;
you squeeze me
and rob me of any sort of oxygen.
Oh, guilt, do not make me beg!
You have already
forced me on the ground.
I can feel your stare
through my back.
If you want to slay me,
do so already.
Surely a sword through my stomach
is more merciful
than your touch on my skin.
Oh, guilt, what's the point?
Take a look around-
my sanity is gone,
my loved ones disgusted.
You have won;
take your victory prize.
I give up, guilt.
You have won!
This is my surrender.

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