March 15, 2012
By BriBri666 BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
BriBri666 BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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I begin my journey
To find that special, secluded space
I stumbled upon so long ago.
As I walk through these silent and still woods,
I smell the decaying autumn leaves
That bring back so many memories.
Memories of pain, grief, sorrow
Like the time I was betrayed by a friend
Over something so silly, but I held a grudge.
How foolish I used to be.
But on the other hand,
Above even the tallest of trees,
Lies the wide open sky.
A sky filled with blues and silvers
Like a dreamland waiting for you to fall asleep.
This image brings back memories
Of good times, happy times, joy-filled moments.
Like the time I got my first puppy.
So small and delicate, reminding me of a small child
So foolish, but somehow wise.
As I gaze more at the sky,
I begin to notice the rough, clumsy edges of the clouds
That remind me of all the mistakes in my life
I wish I could erase.
As I walk further,
Grass tickling my feet,
I find that spot,
The spot where I had my first love,
My first heartbreak.
And as I wonder about what the future may hold,
I begin my journey.

The author's comments:
A picture called "Cloudy Night" by Roger Brown.

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