Remembering us

March 15, 2012
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Remember down by the creek?
Remember those sweet sounds?
Remember our heat?
Remember me in November?
Remember that day Glen?
Remember me as we sat on that mat when we were ten?
Remember when you met her? I was so jealous of you two.
Remember when I cried on your shoulder?
Remember when I told you every secret but one?
Remember when I told you that secret that has been true for years?
Remember the day I told you I loved you?
Remember our sweet kisses?
Remember me by your shallow creek?
Remember our sweet, long, soft love?
Remember you love me?
Remember me? Do you remember me?
Remember my face when we found you were sick?
Remember. If anything always remember me.
I blow lovely kisses to your grave. I hope you remember our sweet love.

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