Curiosity Kills

March 15, 2012
By TDesselle BRONZE, Moreauville, Louisiana
TDesselle BRONZE, Moreauville, Louisiana
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Being nosey,
Snooping around,
I walked into that abandoned house
This time alone.
The door creaked.
The smell of abandonment.
Spider webs circled me.
First step in; adrenaline pumping.
Second step in; scared.
Third step in; I hear a noise.
"What was that" whispering to no one.
I followed the sound.
I walked up the stairs into a room.
The mobile, the crib, the toys.
Did something happen here?
I heard the noise again.
I slowly walked in the hall,
following the sound into the bathroom,
hand prints on the wall.
I quickly ran out of the room.
The noise again; this time outside.
I walked onto the back porch.
The never ending fall.

I walked in the house again.
Right away I heard the noise.
I followed that faint noise.
Once again I was lead into the child's room.
I hear the noise; never making out what it was.
It seemed to come from the closet.
So I opened the door.
There was a corpse,
a baby corpse.
I turn around and run out of the back door.
All I could remember,
The never ending fall.

In the house again.
I hear what sounds like someone talking.
I slowly walk up the stairs.
Walking into the master bedroom.
I hear a whole conversation; can't make out the words being said.
I hear screaming, arguing.
I get pushed out of the room.
A force that threw me against the wall
The never ending fall.

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