The Boy Wanders

March 15, 2012
By Anonymous4Anonymous GOLD, Florence, Alabama
Anonymous4Anonymous GOLD, Florence, Alabama
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"I do not intend to tip-toe through life only to arrive safely at death!" -- Unknown

He walks quietly down the road.
Invisible to me or you.

He was pleased being alone and gone from the earth.
It didn’t really bother him.
Why should it?

No one really cared much about him.
Not then, and definitely not now.

Not with what he had done.

The world hates him now.
No matter that what he actually ‘DID’ was nothing of the sort.

It hurt him so much.
But does he care now?

He will never let them have the pleasure.
They caused him pain.
Now he wanders the world,


I watch him breathlessly.
My mind in a mild state of shock.

The boy I loved.
All alone,

I crumble to the ground,
Shaking and convulsing.
I sob heavily, for he will never return.

I feel a hand on my shoulder,
My shoulders tense.
I can feel him above me,
Watching me softly.

A whisper in my ear,
Like a breath of wind.

“Why are you on the ground, little bird?
Crying for me?
What for? You caused nothing like this to happen.
I brought it on myself.”

A feathery touch on my cheek.
Like a lover’s kiss.

So sweet.
So cold.

So loved.
So alone.

I get up and go back to my car.
Before I leave,
I take one last look.

I’ll see him again.

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