March 15, 2012
I screamed. I cried.
I screamed a second time.
My tiny hand stretched out
as He was taken away.
She held Me back
next to the Small One.
Her tears raced with Mine.
the Small One huddled
into the safety of Her.
I refused.
one mistake...
Her hand slipped
and I was off.
My small feet hit
the concrete ground.
small fists pounded
on Their invincible armor.
They never noticed,
never glanced.
He scooped Me
into his warm strong arms.
I held on.
My screams eneded.
Her sobs quieted.
the Small One watched with wonder.
They did not like this.
Their claws touch My arms.
ice seemed to cover My soft skin.
He yelled, anger boiling.
never did Their emotion show
except for now...
Smiles rose from Hell.
Me, They took.
two of Them held Him down.
now it was His turn to scream, to cry.
fire blazed in His eyes
as They carried Me.
the Small One sobbed
as She was held back
by the Others.
no scream rose from Me,
not one...
I watched Her, Him, the Small One,
and the Others...
They carried Me
to the Door.
everything went still.
He froze as did She.
horror rippled through the room.
the Door creaked
and I was thrown in.
but before the Door closed,
I let out one scream,

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