March 15, 2012
By Dylan Mentzer BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Dylan Mentzer BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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20 stairs,

Of pure evil.

Staring up,

To the top,

It seems like those stairs never stop.

But you climb them anyways

You walk about 100 yards back

Then you stop.

As you roll up to the stairs,

Terror building up beyond compare

Run, run, hop on your board

Building up your speed

You pray to the lord

Pop, flick, catch, SLAM

You slowly get up

Staring at the sky

The pain so deadly

You want to cry

But you find that inner strength

And climb up those stairs.

Run, run, and hop on your board.

The fear building up

You have that pit in your stomach

You want to throw up

But you push harder

Pop, flick, catch….. You black out

It felt like hours

But you get your vision back

You’re rolling on the ground

Feet on the black

Your filmer runs over

Smile on his face

You have just kickflipped El Toro

All 20 stairs

Right as the Lake Forest cops roll up

Look at their glares

You hop in your van

Off to the next set of stairs.

The author's comments:
skateboarding/ dave bachenski

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