March 31, 2012
By sodappend BRONZE, Silang, Other
sodappend BRONZE, Silang, Other
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The sound of the ocean
is the hum of your voice
when we lay on the beach
with our legs intertwined
as we watched the setting sun

The scent of the ocean
is the light aroma of cinnamon
in the crook of your neck
that I would smell as we undressed
locked in an embrace

The feel of the ocean
is the caress of your skin
against my face
when you would tuck a lock of damp hair behind my ear
as it dried in the wind

The taste of the ocean
that I so vividly remember
is the flavor of salt on your lips
when you kissed me
after a dip in the water

The image of the ocean
is the inky blackness
that must have been all you saw
when the waves swallowed you
and took you away from me forever

The author's comments:
Something I wrote ages ago and found buried deep in the bowels of my computer. I don't think the poem itself is much good (anymore), but I still really like the concept.

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