March 31, 2012
Here I am.

Seated before you, at this table we call judgement.

One glance and I am shelved accordingly

To the system of "Lose or Gain".

Your dissecting eyes,

So pointed, sharp, so cold and ignorant;

They can't see past my outward guise.

Broken, bleeding;

Watch your mouth,

You know nothing of me.

Each person on this unbearable planet

Bears their own burdens, their own pain.

I have bruises.

I have scars.

But no one lays an eye upon them;

For over them is liquid skin, found within a bottle.

And those not covered by my silky friend I turn to plastered smile of affection.

Mental anguish,

Mental dismemberment;

Take me apart from deep within!!

I have so much joy to share!

I have so much love to give!

One prod with a needle and I'm already shining

Past the painted cage;

I am gleaming within!!

So be quiet, let them speak.

So swim against the current; they must be onto something.

Smile, Laugh more than is healthy and look closer than you may want to.

So shine!

Oh shine,

Let the world pour out from under your skin!

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