You Picked Me

March 31, 2012
When your on my mind,

it's hard to even think.

Your just so wonderful,

it makes me want to try to fly.

I've always been so precise,

but now I'm led with such enticement.

Tripping over the smallest things,

stuttering on the smallest words.

You say you love all my little quirks,

all the things that make me so unique,

that's what you call them.

It's hard to believe you'd settle for me,

someone so highly bizarre.

Someone as lovely as you,

deserves someone better than me.

You always tell me why I'm so wonderful,

but when you ask me why I love you so,

my tongue ties,

and my heart starts to float.

There's no words that I can say,

that explain the way I feel about you.

Your the light in my day.

The only person I think of all day.

The only one that fills my dreams.

I can honestly say,

there's no other place,

I'd like to be than in your heart forevermore.

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