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March 30, 2012
By MiniNovelist BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
MiniNovelist BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
“Let’s keep our voices down about being unique lawbreaking snowflakes, shall we?”

-Draco Malfoy from the fanfic Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya

It's not okay that you're here in my arms.
I know that must sound so odd to you, beautiful
But frankly I don't really give a damn as I tell the truth.
You don't want me in the slightest but you're here
Trailing after me while looking over at his jealous eyes
It must be terrible to be someone like you but that's alright
But you know... I like it when you make me feel this way
As if you know who I am and want to do all you can for just me
It's the most flattering thing in the world but you don't love.

Straw hats and sunny days with the coolness of spring on our skin
You're laughing at some lame joke the bartender shouts
While I'm staring at the entrance seeing him hanging out there
Of course his eyes would never leave you as those pink lips part
It's only natural his eyes would find someone as golden as you are
Hair like reminisce of winter days while eyes like summer
You're an accident waiting to happen as I try to keep breathing.
But it's so hard because he's watching and I'm practically crying
Instead of seeing me you're too busy still laughing at that stupid joke
It really isn't that funny but you're trying to pretend to be happy.

Those brown eyes are your only truths in this world full of lies
You both play this game where no one can tell what you're feeling
The things you would love to say but I know you never really will
That's what shows up in your eyes and it kills me seeing him
Because we both know this is just to keep him wanting and loving
Even while you're with me the two of you are still a couple
Separated by something as unsubstantial as business or vacations
This isn't a real relationship between you and I but again-!

I see that bikini and stare at those expression filled brown eyes
You're looking at me as if I mean all the world to you and I hate it!
Can't you see how much you kill me whenever I try so hard not to see him
But he's here and you're here and you know what? I'm just fine.

Because I know the truth that the both of you will never know.
I mean really... you guys will never get back together, isn't it obvious?
Stubborn b******s with nothing left to do but hurt each other...

So what does that make me?

The author's comments:
The typical cliche where a girl uses a guy to get back at her ex lover and show him just what he's missing. Too bad this poem is from the used's point of view.

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