If only she hadn't

March 31, 2012
Catastrophic chaos brewing from the deepest point of love,

Far from any hope of sanity for years to come and to leave,

Precious memories soaring from depths of my once loving heart,

Never taking the risk to gradually mature as those who once were mine, die.

Expectations rising as the fallen peasant relies on him to live,

Her everlasting despair erupts all hope that had ever lived within,

Only to destroy the peaceful atmosphere which built her to a stone,

Vivid illusions isolating her perspective as he retreats from her useless battle.

Alone, f***ed up, mentally suffering, her heart officially breaks, shattering life itself,

War ends between the barren plains that I once felt pity for, for the sake the acquaintanceship,

Dreading the final words of the distant regrets that the hopeless sorrow left, like a scar,

The promises that eternity won’t be long enough to fix, if only he hadn’t left.

Her passionate grasp on his heart is a permanent remember on how vulnerable she now is,

My soft-spoken sigh reflects on the legendary screams from hell that lurk on my life,

Breathing so heavily and with so much sorrow, you’d plead it was only death,

Lost in the mimicking, rotting desires for him back, for what she had gripped so tightly.

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