In with the new and love the old

March 30, 2012
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You look at me with eyes as blue as the ocean,
It’s like those eye contain love potion.

Your heart is what I lack,
I beg you in my dreams to come back.

Your love to me is like pot to a crack head,
You make my heart stop and I need meds.

You turned sour through the years,
My tears where there though, smeared.

Your heart died and turned cold,
It’s like the last girl you dated fit you into a mold.

Does the sun still shine like it did when I left,
Did all the fine pieces of you sift through the cracks?

I wish that hollow body that was once you would at least look at me,
I wish you would listen to me plea.

Where is that god loving guy?
The deep christen inside I know that’s there.

Where oh where could I find someone that was as perfect as you use to be,
I would cry but what use is that to you and me?

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