New World

March 30, 2012
By Sdilena BRONZE, Tiburon, California
Sdilena BRONZE, Tiburon, California
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Come and see,
the world,
the old and the new,

Come and see,
the changes,
the faces,

Of people once loved,

Come and see,
the water of the oceans drained from the sea like a bath,
turned black.

Come and see,
no green,
that monkeys and snakes,
called home.

Come and see,
time turned as the children use it as a merry-go-round,
no more.

But a factory that turns people that once were,
into criminals.

Come and see,
the mountains that where a home,
now mined for things,
that when put together make us higher,
than the sky.

Come and see,

come and see,
the black haze,
that was once new,
clear as day.

come and see,
the world,
no old, just the new.

The author's comments:
This piece is about how the world is becoming more industrial and how we are destroying our natural resources. Also, how we have become more reliable on modern technology and how we are destroying history by forgetting it all.

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