Sunken Lives

March 30, 2012
By Alaina Duchin BRONZE, South Tamworth, New Hampshire
Alaina Duchin BRONZE, South Tamworth, New Hampshire
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You’re swimming in an ocean of regret.
Each time you come up for a breath,
you remember one more mistake.

Suddenly you realize you are no longer bobbing on the surface.
you are sinking deeper and deeper into the vast sea.

You got so sick of remembering all your stupid mistakes each time you took a breath,
so you stopped going up for air.

Without warning you find that you are drowning in briny water,
you cannot move.

Tears form inside you and your misery pours out into the water.
No one will ever know they swam in your sea of anguish.

The tears you have built up all these years are gone,
and so are you.

You sunk your way to heaven.
And I should know this how?

I found you in the ocean
sinking deeper and deeper.

I dove in to save you,
but I too got caught in the trap of mistakes.

Just like you I drowned.
The only thing it did for me was make yet another false move to harp on,
but you and I could not move.

So here I am.
And here you are.
Telling our story.

Wishing that no matter how bad anybody’s mistakes are,
they should always forgive themselves.

Anyone who was born to the world
truly does matter.

So please we beg of you,
say you’re sorry and carry on.

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