Subliminal Minds

March 30, 2012
He took me to The Cafe On the Corner ;
where the smells of espressos and mocha's and tall chocolate somethings rang bells in my nose.
he took me to The Café On the Corner;
Where our laughs were one and our hands the same where
The constant chatter of the conversations around us so subtle
became a quiet hum of our life’s theme music ;
I wonder if he can hear my heart race…
So delicate an precise
where it is to be to difficult to be detected by anyone
but the soul mind and ears it was intended to beat for…
Does his beat as loud and if so why can’t I myself hear the fast paced organ inside HIS chest beat out of control
I wonder..
if somehow we ARE connected like child and mother
before the needles and doctors an 18 hours of labor
then why don't I understand you...
wait...this cant be right cause..
He took me to The Cafe on the Corner;
where drinks where being poured and people where getting bored but
all the while I'm wondering is this man who he says he is.
does he have another side, another life he lives..
can I trust this man who said he wants to give all of him to me
but wants nothing in return but the chance to love me unconditionally am I..
overreacting because of Jon, James, and Justin wanted to run that faithful train on my cousins all the while they "dated" me?
this cant be life cause this pain is to much for me taunting me freely so I..
started picking up the pieces from a heart that's been knocked off my sleeve but..
I'll give this man a chance cause you see
He took me to The Cafe On the Corner where..
the lights complemented his smile..
and the tall chocolate somethings roamed without a stitch of clothing but full of rage where
the mocha's an espressos where called to grace there presents upon that stage where
there fights of the night started for that dollar THAT dollar
the all mighty dollar that they so desperately needed to pay THAT bill
I wonder... do his words reign truth in my ears.. "you"
In all of this...most of you wont understand it.
if you think you do then answer this...Where are they?

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