April 1, 2012
By TheAnthonyYa BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
TheAnthonyYa BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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I believe that life is nothing but belief.
This thought occurred to me recently, while reading yet another celebrity tabloid. I've grown to despise these publications, which take pride in doing nothing more than commercializing celebrities; by putting these people on a pedestal, we tend to forget that these are, well, real people. Real people with love and fears and insecurities and ambitions. Real people who we treat as dolls, begging to be played with.
While reading this magazine, it dawned on me that these paparazzi, and the owners of this magazine, and so on and so forth, were the most evil of man; taking away the life of others simply for profit, not giving these poor souls a single moment of piece, whether they're a celebrity or not. They must be truly despicable to do such a thing!
However, it then hit me: everybody working on this magazine, or any publication, or ANYWHERE, is just as real as these celebrities! Every man and woman on earth is a human being, with a favorite food, a wacky adventure that happened to them one summer, a book that they absolutely love and a friend who they absolutely hate. Every human on earth is just as real as you or me, and we tend to forget this; life, in our eyes, revolves around us, as if we were the hero of our own movie. In our eyes, we see ourselves as the lovable underdog who will get the girl at the end, or the beautiful princess who works to get to her happy ending. To every single one of us on earth, life is the same: A unique experience that, in the grand scheme of things, is not unique at all. Each and every one of us is living this same lie, this same journey of perception.

The author's comments:
In English class we had an assignment to write a poetic paragraph (or prose) discussing something that we believe in. I decided to get a little self-referential, commenting on the idea of belief itself, because I've always been interested in perception and the thought processes of others.

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