Waiting for billy

March 27, 2012
By vannanodrama GOLD, Mattituck, New York
vannanodrama GOLD, Mattituck, New York
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You love his graphic tees
And the necklace with the different colored beads that you watch him take off every night and put back on every morning

He loved the blue of your eyes
But that sad look you always wear doesn’t fit you quite as nice.

You love his smile
And that from-the-belly laughs of his
You think of how you feel the closest to happy when you’re with him

He regrets that day he thought to himself all I want to do is make her smile

You love him for taking the time to get to know you and for sticking around
You think he might be able to turn it all around...

He’s looking at your sad blue eyes
As he packs his back
He kisses you goodbye and heads off to class

Its Tuesday
Its 6:30 you know he’ll be back around ten,
Its routine by now
You head to the library to pass some time,

The library is emptying out now and you’re thinking about how silence makes you feel invisible
You blend in to the quiet of the white walls
And wait for billy to call

At 10:14 billy went back to his room,
Been there since 8 o’clock
His class got let out early

You think about going back to your room but know that even as the thought crossed your mind you dismissed it at the same time.
“no , I think I’ll stay here and wait for billy a bit more"

billys in his bed
He thinks of you
When a sad looking girl comes on TV
But then the commercial changes
And he doesn’t think about you anymore

Its 1:50 now and the library’s closing down
You walk outside and the wind is so strong and it’s so cold
You let the world blur up as you let yourself cry
Because at 630 on a Tuesday billy kissed you goodbye for the last time

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