March 27, 2012
By TC529 GOLD, Hastings On Hudson, New York
TC529 GOLD, Hastings On Hudson, New York
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Phacoemulsification: A type of cataract surgery in which the lens with the cataract is broken up by ultrasound, irrigated, and suctioned out.

I want to carve the gloss
from behind my eyes,
and present it to you
in a smoke filled jazz club,
whilst drinking dusky whiskey,

you would smear the gloss
onto the underside of our table,
like you were smoothing out
the wrinkles in a map,
tell me to close my eyes,
I would see us and nothing else,
and I would open my eyes,
we’d be in your room
on a late summer afternoon,
gauzy sunlight drifting in,
sitting on the floor
going through your bookshelf,

and you,
registering the bewilderment
on my face, would laugh,
and tell me that this is where
we’ve been all along,
and to shut up and kiss me,
baby, it took you long
enough getting here.

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