Pinata Man

March 28, 2012
By poetfan96 PLATINUM, Syracuse, Nebraska
poetfan96 PLATINUM, Syracuse, Nebraska
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"you dont have to be what you dont want to be"

There is no distinct plot about this piece but rather many answers to the questions that we have as we go through life. Chapter 1: Pinata Man Followed

I’ve been followed by a burden,
A weight on my shoulders,
A black crow watches me,

Hands pull my feet as I walk,
The want me to go with them,
To the underworld,

They say that I’ve been bad,
And judgment day is now,
But I march on,

Through the roughest of the rough,
The toughest of the tough,
I trudge on,

White eyes in black dark,
Glare at me in rage,
Should I stop?

Never! I will continue on,
I will stay on this broken path,
And I will fight my demons,

Walking alone,
On this dead bodied road,
Until the end.

The Question

“I’ve got the answer!”
“I know the meaning!”
“The reason we’re here!”
“The meaning of life!”

People shout,
About their wisdom,
Hoping to rule,
Their own kingdom,

“I’ve got the answer!”
They say all the time,
Telling their lies,
That same old line,

“I know the meaning!”
They chant in the streets,
Saying “someday”,
“I’ll be the king!”

Everyone has an answer,
I know this is true,
But I’ve got something,
That I must ask you,
What is the question?

The Creature Inside
I look forward,
And there it is,
A beast so ugly,
Claims the world as his.

He blinks his eyes,
And shows his jaws,
I’ll meet my demise,
Before I leave his claws,

Yelling and screaming,
From inside his cage,
Waiting and dreaming,
To show his rage,

He yells these things,
So sick and wrong,
What fear he brings,
Throughout his song,

Cursing my soul,
And cursing my life,
When he’s in control,
We’ll all surely die,

With each move I make,
He mimics me so,
When his cell does break,
What evil will show,

The creature inside,
Looks right into me,
He’s no reason to hide,
What it is that I see,

He looks at me,
With a great grin,
Now I can see,
The evil’s within!


I’m sinking,
Falling faster and faster,
There is no escape,

My demons,
Calling louder and louder,
My soul they will take,

I know,
There’s no escape,
From hell,

That’s what I get,
For picking my soul to sell,
But I can’t,

I can’t,
Let them take me,
I must survive,

I must break free,
But I’m too weak,
I must leave now,

To find,
The one I seek,
I must,

I know,
What I’ve done,
I was there,

I know,
I was careless,
But I care,

Now it’s too late,
To save my soul.


I feel as though
I’ll soon die
But my friend
Do not cry
For I’ll always be
Just a whisper away
Hiding in the night
Waiting for you
To need me
If you’re ever alone
Just call my name
And I’ll return
To ease your pain
It’s not your fault
You’re not to blame
I fought my demons
And lost the game
So until the wind
Again sends me your way
I say goodbye
My friend
Good day

The Choice

I’ve got a brain,
And working feet,
So only I can choose,
What’s right for me,

It is a world,
Full of lies,
Stupid people asking,
All sorts of how’s and why’s,

But this I say,
To you young one,
You are left two choices,
What’s right,
Or what’s fun,

People will try,
To make you their slave,
Thinking their thoughts,
Of anger and hate,

But I feel,
I must tell you,
That the only one,
That controls you is you,

I know inside,
There is a man,
Who refuses to hide,
His future plans,

So if you want to live free,
Just shout these words,
“Let me be me!
Let me be free”

Because you have a brain,
That moves your feet,
So only you can choose,
How you make ends meet


The world,
Is falling,

We’re sinking,
Into space,

Drowning slowly,
Goodbye cruel place,

Mountains bursting,
Like fireworks,

Piece by piece,
Soaring afar,

The rivers,
Are burning,

Like lava,
So hot,

The sun,
Is freezing,

Rays of,
Thick ice,

The trees,
Are bleeding,

A thick,
Sweet blood,

The air,
Grows heavy,

And begins,
To flood,

The sky,
Turns green,

With rays,
Of red,

It won’t,
Be long,

‘fore we’re,
All dead,

What’s hard,
Becomes soft,

What’s young,
Grows old,

What’s tall,
Is now short,

What was,
Once hot,

Has now,
Grown cold.


Life is,
Illusion is,

No mind,
No vision,
The end’s,
In sight,

And torture,
The burning,
Ice scorcher,

The rivers,
Flow back,
As shivers,

A twisted,
And twirled,

Where have,
We all gone,
And what have,
We all done,

To deserve,
This hell,
At the bell,

Our twisted world,
Now has its end,
Caused by what,
Was once a friend,

The end is near,
The end is now,
I see it clear,
The end is now.


Once upon a time,
In a year that never happened,
In a place that isn’t there,
There were men that don’t exist,
With a job that wasn’t real,
Or was it?

People say,
That what’s false is true,
But I however,
Know what’s false is you,
Your fake smile your hidden tears,
And that you hide behind all your fears,

Prophets proclaim,
The future is now,
So I know I must ask them,
To tell me why and how,
Yes I know you’re quite confused,
But that’s because your mind’s abused,

I have heard,
That life is short,
That’s what it says in your report,
Go out and live before you die,
But why won’t you tell me,
Tell me how tell me why,

It is said,
That hot can burn,
And from this,
We know we should all learn,
But what about those like me,
Who just can’t learn from what we see?

With Age

With age comes wisdom,
That slows you down,
Your strengths,
Become weaknesses.

Your mind it grows,
Your body shrinks,
Your heart,
Loses speed.

With age comes wrinkles,
That make you look worse,
You slowly,
Fade away.

Your thoughts grow tall,
Your body sinks low,
You’ve reached,
The end.

With age comes pain,
To end your life,
Your heart,
Soon stops.

You’re so wise, your last words will be too,
But then you say, with your last breath,
“I don’t
Want to,

What is life?
Life is a game,
With constricting rules,
Roll the dice,
And hope to win.

All it takes,
To lose a turn,
Is one wrong move,
Just one small sin.

You hop along,
Down the lane,
You are being,

They know it’s you,
They know your mind,
They know it’s you,
That they must stalk.

Life Is The Waiting
Life is the waiting,
For tomorrow to show,
The answers of questions,
We’ll never know.

Life is the living,
You do to prove,
That no one on earth,
Is better than you.

Life is the wishing,
For a future so great,
But the smiles and joy,
Will fade to hate.

Life is the dying,
We will all soon do,
You can blame me,
If I can blame you.

Life is the fear,
Of being afraid,
Cold and sharp,
Like a long, thin blade.

Life is the patience,
That no one shows,
This is the life,
That everyone knows.

Life is the dreaming,
Of a world so grand,
To replace this world,
That’s so dark and bland.

Life is the structure,
That keeps us strong,
Not the magic,
That fixes all wrong.

Life is the life,
That we’re all here for,
Slowly but surely,
Moving towards the door.

With Age

With age comes wisdom,
That slows you down,
Your strengths,
Become weaknesses.

Your mind it grows,
Your body shrinks,
Your heart,
Loses speed.

With age comes wrinkles,
That make you look worse,
You slowly,
Fade away.

Your thoughts grow tall,
Your body sinks low,
You’ve reached,
The end.

With age comes pain,
To end your life,
Your heart,
Soon stops.

You’re so wise, your last words will be too,
But then you say, with your last breath,
“I don’t
Want to,


The doors,
Fly shut,
The lights,
Go dark,
The room,
Begins to,

The ceiling,
Melts as,
It falls,
On us,
How could,
This be,

The floor,
It lifts,
Like a,
Mountain so,
High as,
We’re all,

The room,
Then fills,
With ice,
Cold water,
The toilet,
Then is flushed.

Then we’re,
Thrown into,
The sea,
Where we’re,
Held by,
Our big,

We’re upside,
Down we,
Hang in,
Pain I,
Know there’s,
No way,

The weight,
Of our,
Deeds pulls,
Down on,
Us why,
Are we,

When You Die

When you die,
You’re thrown in a cell,
One door says heaven,
The other says hell,

You’re chained to a wall,
Right next to a phone,
You make the call,
You’re all alone,

The phone then rings,
With a beautiful tone,
The choir it sings,
And then you’re shown,

Shown what you’ve done,
All right and all wrong,
Now were to run,
You’re dragged along,

The judges think,
And judge your soul,
They stare you blink,
You’ve no control,

You see their eyes,
Some white some red,
They see your lies,
They’re glad you’re dead,

A door then opens,
They’ve made their choice,
You’ll pay for your sins,
You’ve got no voice,

Slowly the dark,
Fades to light,
The hell hounds bark,
You cannot fight,

You evil liar,
Will now see,
The lake of fire,
For eternity,

You have lied,
To he who rules,
So the judges decide,
You are a fool!

You will now,
Go to hell,
Where their worm does not die,
And the fire is not quenched.

And there you’ll burn,
For what you’ve done,
Too late to learn,
Now no more fun.

You’ll spend forever,
Without a soul,
That doesn’t bother Satan,
For he’s in control.

Living in pain,
From the flood,
Of fiery rain,
That boils your blood.

When you die,
You’re thrown in a cell,
One door says heaven,
The other says hell,
Where will you go?

Crystal Rain

Watch the rain
As it falls
For each drop
Is a crystal ball

Each time one hits
On our ground
A new corpse
Will soon be found

For with this rain
Lies a secret
About the pain
We’ve not seen yet

The Crystal Rain
Right now does fall
The Crystal Pain
Destroys us all

Each drop is cold
And full of truth
The secrets are old
And talk of the youth

There’s no way out
Once it rains
For without a doubt
We can’t break these chains!

The Crystal Rain
Falls my friend
The cold sharp pain
Is the end.

The Ghosts

In the night,
There are sounds,
Hidden in the dark.

A chair moves,
A picture falls,
Then footsteps are heard.

Shadows dance,
And voices sing,
Someone else is here.

The floor creaks,
The door closes,
But they cannot be seen.

Once alive,
With bones and blood,
And skin.

But then one day,
They closed their eyes,
And never woke up.

So now they roam,
Lost on earth,

I say “Just leave!”
But they won’t go,
They’re stuck here,
In my home.

The Curse

Curse this world,
This hateful place,
So full of rage,
This big disgrace!

Can no one see,
What lies ahead?
Are we blinded by,
Our eyes of red?

We push,
We shove,
All hate,
No love,

And now we fade,
Into the night,
Because we don’t,
Do what is right,

It is the curse,
That brings us down,
The world and its anger,
Fell short of the crown.

Life In A Sander
A child sits
Mumbling to herself
Laughing and clapping
As the day goes by

She’s happy
The world is just a game
She’s no reason to cry

Each day
She grows a little older
And her joy starts to fade

Her life
In a sander
Tearing away all

She’s nothing but smiles
But tomorrow that will

Splashing About

A young boy
Plays in the water
Splashing about.

With each time
That he smacks the water
The joy is taken out.

His hands ache
As he begins to cry
He’ll remember this.

He sits
Now an old man
The world no longer his.

His wrinkled face
And rough blistered hands

His youth
Is gone, leaving him
In pain.

You Can’t Paint Your Insides

We paint ourselves
The colors of the rainbow
To hide our tortured

Black and blue and
Red and yellow may cover
What is out side

Pink and green and
Orange and violet
Do nothing for what’s

Green with envy we
Paint ourselves black, Red
With anger we disguise using

These colors flow like
Rivers sometimes but why?
You can’t paint your


A sheet to hide
Your thoughts

To show that you
Have fought

So that you
May speak

To find what
You seek

To cover up
Your mind

You’ve got so much
So why must you

Out of time

Out of time
What will I do
When to clock runs out?

Will I fly?
Or will I sink?
Someone help me out.

I’m just
Waiting for the sun
To set on me

Sitting down
Under the wise old oak tree
Waiting to be set free.

Out of time
What will you do
When the clock runs out?

Will you fly?
Or will you sink?
I can’t help you now.

Shot Down

We sit
Perched in our trees
And begin to spread
Our wings

With one
Great leap and a
Flap of our wings we
Take flight

High above the ground
Seeing the world as
It is

The wind
Flows over us naturally
Nothing can harm us
We’re free

And then
A noise, a loud booming roar
Tumbling to our death, we’ve been
Shot down.


And crushed
And pulled

Our minds
Get abused
But we’re
To blame

And diced
And torn

We’ve got
No imagination
No hope

A python
And its prey
We’ve been constricted


The blood,
Flows steadily,
From our veins.

They said,
There’d be,
No pain.

There’s a,
Reason that,
We want to die.

A world,
That speaks,
Each word a lie.

Soon now,
Before too long,
We’ll die.

Leaving the world,
Our families and God,

Is it worth it?

The Jumpers

On a bridge,
Or a tall building,
Someone now does stand.

Wishing to die,
But that is a lie,
They just need your hand.

Extended out with,
Words of hope,
They want to survive.

All they need,
Is your friendship,
To want to be alive.

So stand up,
And offer your kindness,
So they won’t lose it all.

You’re the friend,
And in the end,
You must obey they call,
Don’t let them jump.


A small young boy,
Sits in a field of weeping,
Peasants as a,
Boulder with legs,
Terrorizes them.

“Who will challenge me?”
The boulder then says.
A cricket chirps,
And then,
The boulder grows hot.

He swallows the cricket,
Whole with no effort,
Then laughs,
“You peasants are all fools!
Will no one here show courage?”

The young boy stands,
And steps forward,
“I show no fear!
I shall challenge you!
I fear you not!” he says.

The peasants cower,
And the boulder laughs,
In breath between laughter he says,
“You young boy are about to die by my hand
Have you any last words?”

The boys shouts with all his might,
“No! It is you who will die by my hand!”
Again the boulder chuckles,
But as he is about to speak,
He is struck.

The peasants sit and watch,
In great awe,
As the boulder falls,
Rapidly towards the,

When at last,
His body does crash
The boy comes forward
And pulls his stone
From the face of the boulder.

The people bury the boulder
And dance on the grave
All for young David
The one who was

The List

We’ve all,
Got a list,
Of what we have done.

The right,
And the wrong,
Are on it.

Our lists,
Are growing throughout,
Each day.

And in the end,
The judge will say,
Your fate.

If you lived,
Without love,
And if you lived,

Full of hate,
Your anger will grow,
Forever as you,

Since We Could Crawl

Choose your weapon,
And prepare to fight,
As you climb,
Towards the top.

“I’m the king!”
“No I’m the king!”
Why don’t you all,
Just stop?

I promise you now,
If you fight to be king,
When you die,
You’ll be nothing.

You’re a peasant,
And he’s a peasant,
You’ve earned nothing more,
So stop this war!

I am weak and,
I am small,
We’ve all been that way,
Since we could crawl.

Shoe Laces

We go through life
With our shoes untied
Thinking it’s no big deal

But every day
As we age we start
To lose our balance

We mess up
And shrug it off
“It’s not my problem” we say

As we try
And clean up the mess
That our ancestors made

We tear the world down
And accept none of the blame
As we trip up more and more

We could fix
The worlds’ mistakes
If we’d just tie our
Shoe laces

The Project

Life is a project
With many complex parts
And pieces

We know not
What to do
With it

We can
Try and figure it out

That would be
Too useless

Why sit in a
Pool of thought

When you’ve
Been taught
The instructions?


Make-up is a lie,
We use to hide,
Our sins.

Our imperfections show,
Regardless of what’s on,
Our skin.

You can try,
To cover up,
What is on the inside,

But then,
Wouldn’t that,
Be a lie?

Just be yourself,
Why try and hide?
We already know
What’s on the inside.

You’re beautiful without it,
And don’t you dare say,
“I doubt it”
It’s true.

Don’t Be Mad

A million eyes
Watch everything
You do

They’re watching me
And they’re watching

Like an old
Children’s tale
To make kids be good

The judges are watching
Have you done what you

It’s okay
If you’ve been

But when you
Burn in Hell
Don’t be

Bite Your Tongue

Bite your thumb
Flip the bird
But don’t you say
Even one more word

Call me dumb
But I’ve been cured
We’re all fools
I’ve been assured

Bite your tongue
And hold your breath
I don’t want to hear
You speak

Keep your rage hung
Until your death
I’ve got no fear
Though I am weak

Scream at me
And I’ll scream back
And then no one will win
So don’t you dare speak!

Blood Thirst

You act real tough
And threaten me
Your life’s been rough
But I can see

You’re bleeding
And you’re crying
You’re pleading
And you’re dying

But that won’t stop you
You’ll fight me all the way
No matter what I do
No matter what I say

A fighter from the start
You cry
Born without a heart
Then die

You lay dead in my arms
Your fists are still clenched
You’ve caused a lot of harm
Has your blood thirst been quenched?

The Witching Hour

It is said
The witching hour
Is when we’re all

From two to three
In the morning
But I must

Dark demons and red
Witches haunt the
Living world wreaking

I believe that right
Now the witching
Hour is in

For the time when
Saints and sinners
Torture us is

God’s Inner Struggle

Thunder roars
And lightning strikes
God is getting angry

His greatest creation
The one of man
Has betrayed him

He struggles inside
To forgive our evil
And cries up in the heavens

“Should I save them?
Or let them burn?”
He asks of his ungrateful creation

He loves us dearly
Just wants to be loved back
But that’s too much for a world of sinners

He’d lift his fist and
Say goodbye then wipe us all out
If he could, but he loves us too much.

The World’s Ending

Birds chirp
And cats purr
The world is at peace

Rivers flow
And stars glimmer
The world is calm

Flowers bloom
And families sleep
Our world is without fear

But then
The ground shakes
And rumbles angrily

Buildings fall
And flames appear
What is going on?

The world’s ending
For now and

The Doorknob

I look ahead
And see a door with
Nothing unusual
About it

Nowhere to go
I walk towards it
And see my name engraved
In gold

As I get closer
I see an old
And rusty doorknob

It needs me
More than anything
To pass through it and see the

And maybe
Then I’ll change the world
With nothing but my

Frozen Stiff

The window
Let’s in the
Cool breeze

I shiver
Frozen stiff
In fear

The creature’s
Pacing back
And forth

Watching me
Waiting for mistakes

And I know
I have made many

So the next
Time I do
He’ll attack me

Taking my life
My world and
My soul.

Growing Tired

I’m growing tired
Of this world
Torturing my soul
Leaving no hope
For a man
Who sits alone
In the dark.

Fear of Nightmares

Each night
As I close
My eyes

I fear
That I’ll have
A nightmare

And then
It’s no surprise
I do

So again
As I go
To sleep

I tremble
With great fear
Of tonight’s nightmare

Will the
Evils of man
Once again

Haunt me
As I sleep


In an imaginary,

Falls as beasts,

Come watch us,

In terror to,

Or am I?

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