Cliff Jumping

March 30, 2012
By Anonymous

It feels as if I can’t get any higher;
Any movement would risk my life and the dark water
Down below taunts me. The seaweed doesn’t look so inviting.

Just jump! I command myself,
But I imagine going under the water and not being able to come back up;
My lungs screaming at me for air, myself knowing I couldn’t get any.

I shake the thought away.
My body is now paralyzed.
I’m getting nauseous from the sea smell

As I imagine the shocking chill of the water.
It looks so tranquil.
I take one small, cautious step toward the edge of the cliff.


My body soars, and I feel like a bird.
The sensation is ended when I contact the water roughly.
A chill goes down my spine; I was not expecting it to be this cold.

I am under the dark waves for a minute,
But my head soon breaks the surface.
I gasp for breath, but I realize I shouldn’t have been so frightened.

I look at the small ripples in the water
And then I smirk.
Not so tranquil anymore, are you?

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