I Loved You With Everything. But That was Then This is Now.

March 29, 2012
I used to be up every night thinking of you.
I would pray, and just hope that some day you might love me too.
I loved you more than I would've ever told.
I've never met someone like you, just so, cold.
Everyone, and I really do mean everyone, had warned me about you.
They warned me about the you, and the things that you could do.
I didn't listen or even care.
Life and love can just be so un-fair.
I fell in love with the fact of being loved.
I'm tired of getting pushed around and being shoved.
I began to think that you started to love me too.
I can't even explain how much at that point I loved you.
You called beautiful, and told me I was the only one.
But you couldn't have cared less about me, it was all just for fun.
I remember the exact moment when I saw you with her.
I thought I loved you, and at that second I was just so unsure.
I've moved on from you, and I'm starting to love myself and have fun.
But now, here you are again, saying you regret everything you had done.
Now, here I am, confused and lost.
I still love you, even knowing the cost.
I want to push you away.
But I also want to see you love me, and stay.
I don't know what to do.
I could never say no to you.
I can't let go, no matter how hard I try.
I still get that shivering feeling when you look me in the eye.
I'm still going to love you, way more than I'll even want to allow.
But, you had your chance, and I'm moving on now.
I don't think I'll ever be able to forget our past.
What makes this time any different than last?
I now realize that I'm better, above and too good for you.
You're going to wish the first time you loved me was true.
I guess this is where we I say good-bye.
And honey, this time, don't even try.
I'm finally on the right track.
Don't you dare to even try to come running back.

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