Hair poem

March 29, 2012
By kmaye123 BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
kmaye123 BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
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Hair monologue
Are you having fun combing thru my past
brushing thru my present and
parting my future I bet that you’ve found
all the kinks really messy isn’t it
with so many story split ends
that were never repaired.
I’ve tried to have my life professionally done
,pin it up make it look all healthy and shiny
even added some highlights that ended up
breaking off taking pieces of my soul with it.
I tried to condition it with busy schedules
hopping that it would make it look fuller
but it still felt flat.
Hot combs and hot boys burned me
with their smooth talking getting way too close
to my emotional roots, but i’m working hard
to grow out all of the damage,
it’s about shoulder length
natural no longer waying it down
with harsh chemi-comments and
perm-anent disappointments washing
out all the dirt that’s been done to me and letting it air dry.

The author's comments:
its about a young heart break.

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