A Thank You

March 29, 2012
By sierracoker SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
sierracoker SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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I cut out all the parts that held my stain
But with them gone so walked out the frame
Clad in past and feeling wildly to blame
I sang a clout to no applause, no name

I lost the cry and bought to lying off
Overmany drought, my arm caught in the maw
I was heedless, goggled, my head was soft
It ate the peaks and only left me troughs

Clashing in, apologetic I esteem too lightly
I thought you game, but you were even sightly
Sparked in your devices, I waited, right before expiry
You were unsated and pushed, rightly

In went the wades and you followed the slot
You filed out the turves and aimed to crop
You held the shale and fleshed the rot
And revelry came to alter, and the vale you’ll clot

I want to thank you with the highest lay
You burnt my mantle, you tie every fray
The hurt is now a midge, smaller every day
We’ll wraith the past and smudge it away

The author's comments:
A thank you in the form of a poem to one of my mentors who is helping me through a tough point in my life.

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