Why are we here? My sister asks and my heart breaks

March 29, 2012
By Zawesome BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
Zawesome BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
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Maybe this is all a test
To see if you can live or die
A collective simulation
Maybe all the people in Jonestown just woke up
Looking at each other with the delirious eyes of coma patients
Maybe this is just one dream
Of a child in the backseat of his parents car
Tired from the long trip to see distant family
Maybe we are just the accident scientists say
The beautiful mistake of carbon bonding
I would like the mysticism better
If I wasn't such a critic
All I know kid is that I love you
And want you to see everything you can now
Before the cynicism traps your brain
Before you have to worry about your wayward mom
Before you discover that the world is pain princess
Before you are stuck
Inside a rut of thinking
I WANT YOU to see the true glorious wonders of our world
Before it convinces you that self destruction makes you interesting
Before the forced smiles of politicians kill your childhood
All I know kid
Is that you and your brother are the only things keeping me around
And for that I love you

The author's comments:
This is what I wish I could say to her, but she wouldn't have understood.

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