I Want A World...

March 29, 2012
Poisonous words
and scornful eyes
can act like chains,
tethering us to the ground.

I want a world
where people realize
they are worth more
than the words of others.

I want a world
where Jessica can say
“You are beautiful”
to an image in the mirror.

I want a world
where Randy can say
“Yes” to his dreams
and “No” to a cubicle.

I want a world
where Sammy can say
to an abusive boyfriend.

I want a world
where Austin can say
“I forgive you”
to a mother repenting her past.

that is what binds us.
We cling to a crippling, yet comfortable present,
afraid of an uncertain future.

Oh, if you only knew
all the talents and triumphs
you are capable of.

Defy their poisonous words.
Challenge their scornful eyes.
Fear will not restrain you.

I want a world
where people can ignore the words
that tether them to the ground
and can say the words
which will free them.

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