What Disney Taught Us

March 29, 2012
By zliddellz SILVER, Zeeland, Michigan
zliddellz SILVER, Zeeland, Michigan
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Lilo taught us it's okay to by different,
Pinocchio showed us not to lie,
Mulan proved that girls are strong too,
And the Hunchback said it's okay to cry.

Ariel taught that we all have a voice,
Goofy showed it's good to be wacky,
Alice proved that curiosity is a good thing,
And Cinderella said that nothing is too tacky.

Piglet taught that we all get scared,
Bambi showed that life can get rough,
Dumbo proved that anyone can fly,
And Simba said not to give up when it's tough.

Jasmine taught we all need adventures,
Sleeping Beauty showed to rely on our loved ones,
Hercules proved that we can all reach our goals,
And Tigger said not to forget to have fun.

Peter Pan taught us to use our imagination,
Bell showed us never to judge,
Buzz and Woody proved that we all need good friends,
And Tarzan said to let go of a grudge.

Flick taught us that size doesn't matter,
Tinkerbell showed us to believe,
Snow White proved that we need to treat the world better,
And The Brave Little Toaster said to achieve.

As kids it seemed so obvious,
But things change as you grow up.
I think the world needs to watch more Disney movies,
Because we could all use a little brush up.

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Ravenne said...
on Apr. 1 2012 at 5:10 am
Ravenne, San Diego, California
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And Disney had also taught as that the fat and the ugly are bad, that everything turns out good in the end, and that justice will prevail.

Come on. Disney sells dreams, which are usually overly priced- both literally and figuratively. Why are advocating this?

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