Sparks in a Rainstorm

March 29, 2012
Just remember,
There are three sides to every story
First there is mine, then there is yours,
And there's the undefined "them" that can see all
That we, as a force, cannot.

Just remember,
I didn't expect this to happen,
And he said it was like a soft collision
Everyone else agrees,
Yet you have your mind made up

Just remember,
Chemistry doesn't occur everyday
And I'm sorry that we could not wait
For you to sew yourself up
But ask yourself,
Is what we found the reason you always run?

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illusions said...
Apr. 2, 2012 at 2:49 pm
I luv it! i dont know why but i just do. :):):):):). if u can can u check out my work and comment plz? preferbly my poam 'today' and 'fools gold'. thank you:)
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