Enchanted Waters

March 29, 2012
By hannah wood BRONZE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
hannah wood BRONZE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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They say you want to live long
But you still have not found it
You will never find the eternal
Forever hidden, mysterious fountain

But if you ever did run across it
And lay virgin eyes upon its waters
Your very soul would be in danger
Not of the mystical atmosphere

But IT will tempt you with a language
That is never spoken, but always heard
Heard through the soft velvet lips
That kiss my check and crush my light

You’re gravest danger is still to come
After you let yourself be whisked away
You won’t be looking at the ancient ruins
But at the enchanted waters themselves

By that point it’s too late to help you
You are already a condemned man
So you drink. The water tears through you
Opening and splitting veins with intolerable pain

Your eyes shut as a wild flame engulfs you
You’re screaming, burning, crying, and dying
But on the outside you sleep peacefully alone
And wake no longer the human you once were

The author's comments:
I really am not a dark person. This poem just kind of flew out of me and I just wrote it as it came. Its obviously about the fountain of youth. Its not saying that someone actually drank it, but it's telling you about what would happen if someone were to do so.

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