Life Has Speed Bumps

March 29, 2012
Life will take you to new places throughout time. Its the way you percieve it that determines the outcome of the visit. Whether you will eventually forget about it, or if it will cross your mind every now and again, or if it will just completely change your life forever. Sometimes your convinced to change your path. Which will always lead you to new or unexpected speed bumbs. Speed bumbs that are only there to remind you that sometimes it just doesn't hurt to slow down while traveling through life. That maybe you need to observe more of your surroundings to realize that life aint going no where, you are. Speed bumps don't hurt as bad when you realize they are there. Some you can swerve around but others you just have to deal with. And when you decide to step off the road you are traveling, you take the risk of getting lost. That's when you will find those people in your life that'll lead you back to the right path and give a little confidence to take with you. Just remember your not the only one that gets lost, we all do.<3

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