What Cost?

March 29, 2012
By Kelsey244 SILVER, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Kelsey244 SILVER, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
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Is losing someone like Trayvon really a breaking point?,
Or something that has escalated to it's highest point?,
A 17 year old killed in the dawn of life,
He was one of many whose been removed of a life,
But tell his death really different?,
Different from those whose stories had not been sent?,
Can a bullet to the chest really be any different from a knife to the stomach?,
Or being pushed off a building or balcony awaiting ground that a body will soon plummet?,
Is this murder really any different from Till?,
Or are we awaiting danger and mess in which our hearts will welcome and fullfill?,
He's among others that death was forced upon,
But what had brought them upon?,
Was it greed, envy, lust, hate, wrath, and deceit,?
Or just pure insanity that brought it all on?,
Could this be a wake-up call to change?,
Can the world really change?,
Can we decrease murderous killings of our future generation?,
In Trayvon's correlation?,
Can we remove each bullet from a gun that represents the killing of someone's son?,
Can we capture the heart of a murderer before his deed is done?,
Can we get him to think before his gun is pulled or before a knife is caught?,
Can we get them to think what cost?.

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