Red Beauty

March 29, 2012
She lay there
Drenched in red beauty
Her hands trembled
Smearing the beauty on my pale skin
Her lipped curled
And her eyes in shocked
Her words would only turn to whisper
Under my horrific sin

A smug look is plastered on my face
She goes numb
Laying there lifeless
Such beauty she had
And such beauty I had placed on her
Her screams linger in my ear
Unbearable to stand on my own feet
Eyes turned to nothingness
Under my horrific sin

Limp as she was
I carried her,
Throwing her,
Burying her
My hands only smothered in red beauty
I stand there
Over that grave
Under my horrific sin

My legs only felt like I was walking through cement
Always stopping me
The home on which she laid
Is still splashed in red beauty
I clean
And I wash
Erasing that beauty so no one can see
Under my horrific sin

I make a cover
Hiding my tracks
For no one can know
As I wait for that minute
But it goes to slow
Each minute felt like an hour
I sit there
Watching time pass
Under my horrific sin

Her beauty stains my mind
Making me think
And say
Things I shouldn’t
People knock on that door
Seeing me inside the room that she once laid
They ask me questions
And questions
I answer them with enthusiasm
They ask where I last seen her
I lie
They ask when the last time we talked
I lie
They ask what does she do on her free time
I lie
And I lie
Under my horrific sin

They ask to view the garden
Oh do I try to keep them away
We walk through the path on which she laid
But something was wrong
As I stand on her grave
I feel oddly strange
That red beauty oozes out of the ground
And splatters onto my shoes
But the men do not notice
They just stand there chatting about nothingness
Strange I think as I try to wipe away the beauty
But it doesn’t come off
Seeping out more
And more
Under my horrific sin

They talk
And talk
Making me feel uneasy
They were mocking me
Wondering when I shall admit
The beauty floods the garden
Staining the plants that she loved
I slid my hand through my hair
Trying to keep calm
Under my horrific sin

That’s it I think
“That’s it,” I say
I tear the ground with my bare hands
Showing her beauty
She lay there
Staring at me
Shocked face in all
The men steps near
Grabbing me by the wrists
Taking me away
They throw me in a car that flared in colors
Swishing and swaying down the streets
Making me think
Under my horrific sin

They throw me away
Like garbage I am
Locking me in that barred in cell
My thoughts wonder
As the smug look is plastered on my face
I think about that beauty
On which she laid

Under my horrific sin…

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Izzyxoxo798 said...
Apr. 3, 2012 at 8:28 am
Izzyxoxo798 said...
Apr. 3, 2012 at 8:27 am
Great poem matheo keep working on it
animeLover224 said...
Apr. 2, 2012 at 4:24 pm
i love this poem!! ;D
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