Why do we fall in Love?

March 29, 2012
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Why do we all fall in love, just to be broken?
Fighting a war that we can’t win
Why does love have to be so hard and complicated?
Why does it have to hurt so much?

We follow our hearts
That’s taken over by desire and lust
That leads to regret and sin
Combined with thoughts unspoken

We thirst for more than attention
We want love and affection
Someone to hold your hand
And love us more than anyone else can

We want love that’s stronger as strong as Faith
Love to lead us through the storm
We yearn for love as pure as snow
As devoted as a servant to God

But here we go pretending
Like we don’t care for one another
Too scared to be hurt by any one
Who could have such a power over our hearts
Who could sway our emotions, actions, our thoughts
Someone who we would end our life for in a second

Why do we fall in love, Just to be broken?
Fighting a war we can’t win

The reasons are endless

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