Benefit of mistakes.

March 29, 2012
You threw me in the mud,
Promised and dissed.
We vowed never again,
But there you go.
I’m one to believe in karma,
And you will get what you deserve.
Every tear I shed,
Every word I said.
I refuse to say I regret it,
And I refuse to say it meant nothing.
Within every mistake you find something great,
And I’m stuck waiting.
Maybe he will leave you flat on your a**,
Maybe you will realize what he has cost you.
And maybe you just won’t realize it.
Maybe it’s what’s supposed to happen.
Maybe you were supposed to hurt me more than once.
Maybe I’m supposed to learn a lesson.
You may have gotten the guy and the child,
But I have my common sense,
I have my rights and my wrongs.
Now I vow to you, and just you.
Never again,
Will I fall for your mind games.
Never again,
Will I fall for your tricks.
Never again,
Will I listen to you say your broken hearted and watch you go back.
I won’t.

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