it's complicated

March 27, 2012
By MandaLark PLATINUM, Melba, Idaho
MandaLark PLATINUM, Melba, Idaho
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i wonder
if you’re feeling
what I’m feeling.

we are complicated.

life is complicated.

but for one moment –
as the sun shines so bright
we close our eyes,
it’s perfect.

for one moment –
nothing else matters
but feeling you warm next to me
and the sun warm on my face.

for one moment –
everything slips away
and I’m caught up in you.

i wonder
if you’re feeling
what I’m feeling.
but I know the answer,
‘cause I can feel
your heart beating
so fast
against my cheek.

our hands are so close
to touching…
but we both know
we can’t.

it’s complicated.

so I keep my eyes closed,
my head on your chest,
stealing a perfect moment
with a boy
who has my heart.

life is complicated,
but for one moment –
we just lay there
and forget
the world.

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