torn two ways

March 15, 2012
By ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
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Torn two ways you say you love me but you told another a diffrent thing it as if you have two face's. All your sorrys mean nothing they like echo's that repeat each other. When you see me do you see me or do you see her. I have so much love you have no idea it's as i am mute to you. If i scream to heavens and spelled it out would you understand then. Your were my everything my world yet you broke it and crashed it to ground. I would of gave the world yet that was not enought for you. My flame for you won't get out but it not strong as it use to be. Saddness and grief you brough but no matter how much i try hate you i can't. I will always love you no matter how much i may try hide it. We both have done some damage but you have done more then i did. Keep saying sorry and maybe one day i shall forgive you for now i only have hate and anger and miss trust you have created.

Was it not enough i loved you with all my heart or were you blinded i never know. Some times it as if i wish i could see what your thinking to understand what you were thinkng.
Part me still loves you and part hates what you did being pulled both ways never knowing where i will end up.

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