Nature Knows Best

March 15, 2012
By Nick Rauseo BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Nick Rauseo BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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When I was young, I followed nature closely.
Nature has always been my truth, my peace of mind.
Still to this day I hold onto nature and will never let go-
Not simply because it is a piece of my life, instead however,
because I am a fragment of natures existence.

I remember as a child,
the bitter sorrow of every fallen tree,
the sheer agony of every oil spill,
Never have I associated nature with fear
despite all the cataclysmic events.
I’ve always felt safe in the hands of nature.

I recall vivid childhood memories involving nature.
Swimming in natural springs,
feeling the refreshing rush and hydration
as I plunged my body into nature bathtub.

Seven years old, I loved animals.
I knew if an animal was dangerous or not,
however I could never tell if people were
friend or foe.

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