What It Love?

March 15, 2012
By Hannah Thompson BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
Hannah Thompson BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
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You’ve got that kind of smile
The kind that gives me butterflies
Whisper in my ear
And you have me addicted

Surreal, unbelievable
I never thought this would happen
But are we too young,
To make it last?

Yet, months go by
Are you done with me now?
I could go on forever
Can you go on forever?

You tell me you feel the same,
It feels amazing
I look into your light blue eyes, like the ocean
A sea of words, you wouldn’t lie to me

You make me crazy,
With all that you do
Your laugh makes me giggle
I haven’t felt anything like this

I have never known someone so perfect
Everything about you
You mean the world to me
Absolutely indescribable

A picture is worth a thousand words
But you are worth so much more
Feelings like this
What do we call them?

Is it love?
But what is love?
This, this is love
I’m positive

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