Path to my Soul

March 15, 2012
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Feelings of discomfort surrounds my ever so fragile soul. The suspect is an unfamiliar creature that lies on the ground like a stone. I suspect something to be quite vicious about his body language, but as always, I'm optimistic to new faces. But then, I felt overcome by the evilness. His eyes turned into black stones. His horns appeared as fiery as the Devil's. Wait that's it, he is the ...! But suddenly, his ray of coldness bursts through my limbs. I now feel separated from your love. These words fell out of my mouth with a terrible after taste; "Who is this man that I call my savior? He is nothing but a fraud!" On a normal day, the words would spew out of my mouth with a transverse after taste, but now it came naturally. Suddenly, my icy heart transformed into a compassionate follower of your love. You found the path back to my soul! You saved me from the demon that tried to outshine your light. I acquired the thought that I should never feel alone in darkness. Simply because even in the darkest hour, if you look to the sky, there is always a ray of light beaming and following you down any path you take.

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