One Night Gone Wrong

March 15, 2012
I remember that night,
Just like any other.
Gave Pa a kiss on the cheek,
And went to bed.

Middle of the night,
Everything went wrong.
Mother screamed,
A fire had come.

I woke from my sleep,
Ran down the swerving stairs.
Fire was all around me,
Approaching me from behind.

I grabbed the burning, brass doorknob,
And pushed my way through.
I ran across the uneven front porch
And into Pa’s strong, sweet arms.

Mother was crying.
Hugging brother,
She screamed,
As I ran to her side.

Brother was limp,
Like a rag doll on the floor.
I quickly realized,
He was dead.

I remember that night,
Just like any other.
Fire had come and gone,
And brother was dead.

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