The way i felt about you

March 15, 2012
By Daniellenicole123 BRONZE, Pleasantville, Pennsylvania
Daniellenicole123 BRONZE, Pleasantville, Pennsylvania
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Some days I sit here and think,
Why do you hate me?
My heart finally begins to sink,
And then I begin to see.

I used to call you every hour of every day,
Only because I missed you.
Now I wish I was never that way,
Because I lost you too.

I love how we would always talk,
Almost every night.
We would bring up the way we walk,
Then we would begin to fight.

I wish you would understand the way I felt,
You really led me on.
Now my heart is beginning to melt,
And it hurts a ton.

I want only one more chance,
Is that too much?
I liked how we had our first dance,
I loved the way our skin touched.

When I first fell for you,
I thought you were the one.
Then you said you didn’t know what to do,
And I instantly knew we were done.

You just wanted to be friends,
But I wanted to be more.
Now I have a broken heart to mend,
And it’s really sore.

I just want you back so bad,
I don’t think you know.
I was really mad,
It made me want to go.

I wanted to go far away,
So I could hide my tears.
I didn’t want to stay,
Because I don’t want you to know about my fears.

I hate looking at you every day,
It makes me want to cry.
But I have to deal with it anyway,
This makes me want to die.

So goodbye my true love,
I hope everything goes well.
You meant so much to me.
I wish I never fell.

The author's comments:
It was about a boy that broke my heart.

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